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Cyril Rolando

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Would it be effective censorship if I just photoshopped man nipples onto girl nipples



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"I feel all shadows of the universe multiplied deep inside my skin."

Virginia Woolf, From a diary entry dated 5 November 1931 (via mirroir)
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I am /so/ genuinely happy right now wow

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Fly Me to the Moon
Frank Sinatra
My Way: The Best of Frank Sinatra
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Fly Me To the Moon - Frank Sinatra

In other words, hold my hand
In other words, baby kiss me 

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I've Got You Under My Skin
Frank Sinatra
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lucid blog

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Sometimes when I rp and I’m only rping and I get really into it I start to mouth the words I type and make the facial expressions I want my character to make and I see this sort of.. Film? Over my own vision of exactly how I think everything looks in their world. Those are the good rps.. The ones I lose myself in

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support young girls writing mary sue stories. support girls who create spaces for themselves where they can be anything they want. a world where they can be strong and smart and beautiful and everything else society tells then they can’t be

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i want to live somewhere cute and quiet with lots of flowers and good wi-fi

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Sometimes I wish that writing could be different. I wish I could close my eyes and embody my character then make the scene go how I want by living it. I wish I could truly feel what I’m trying to make my character feel; see what I want them to see. I wish that when I opened my eyes my experience was on paper just as I wanted. I wish that I could truly make the scenes that I see in my head feel so real

tagged as: I've grown to hate writing because I have so many details in my head;  i know what color the laundry in the floor should be;  which freckle is the odd one out;  how the light is streaming in through the window and how it caresses my characters gone structures;  but I can never capture this;  im so horrible at writing actually;  I have so many ideas;  so many emotions;  but not enough talent;  

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"No, I’m not ok. But I haven’t been ok since I was 11, maybe 12. I am still here though.
I’m still breathing. For me, sometimes, that will have to be enough"

—Clementine Von Radics (via crucigera)
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This sculpture by Issac Cordal in Berlin is called “Politicians discussing global warming.”

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