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I just wanna make you cum, make you breakfast, and make you happy.

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there’s a difference between character development and completely changing your character’s personalities with no explanation

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Tell me I’m cute or something so I can like roll my eyes at you but then blush when I think about it later

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*holds your hand* 

ha ha how’d that get there

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Aaaand the finished Dirk and Jake gas masks!

Design by Tsyndromestuck!

Ok these are fucking sick

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If you ever get super shy after saying something hey, don’t feel foolish, wear that blush with pride!

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I’m not as sexually frustrated as you fuck I am.

I mean, I’m not as sexually frustrated as you fuck me please.

I mean, fuck me.

I mean, I’m not as sexually frustrated as you think I want sex.

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All My Lovin'
Annette Funicello
Something Borrowed, Something Blue, 1964
118 plays


Annette Funicello | All My Lovin’

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that person you just called a nerd? they are a giant nerd. you made a good call on that one

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dear everyone who says he’s a good person

he also punched goofy too, what an imbecile.

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spring outfits, right before the weather dips into Humidity Hell

( part 1 » 2 » 3 » 4 » 5 » 6 / ink & markers! )

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u big ass nerd stop stressing urself out